Habitat launches new Capital Campaign!

Ladies and gentlemen TT$ 58.5 Million is an ambitious goal, but a necessary one if we are to be the catalyst that is needed to propel Trinidad and Tobago forward to a place where safe and affordable is provided for all!”
With these words, Sieunarine Coosal issued a clarion call to the national community to support Habitat for Humanity Trinidad and Tobago’s Capital Campaign 2020-2024.
In a short ceremony on February 13th at the Courtyard Marriott, the business magnate celebrated the work of the first campaign (2012-2018) and accepted the baton of leadership from Ronald Harford, retired Chairman of Republic Bank, to guide this major fundraising drive.  

Habitat Trinidad and Tobago will serve the country through:

Housing solutions – 550

Training  (Individuals) – 2500

Families served – 3000

Total national impact – 15000 people


Group shot of the Capital CAmpaign Cabinet 2020Influential members of the business community have already signed on to the task.  The members working with Cabinet Chairman Coosal are:

·         Gregory Aboud

·         Dominic Hadeed

·         Eugene Tiah

·         Dawn Thomas

·         Nicholas Lok Jack

·         Shaun Rampersad

·         Gabriel Faria


You may contactus@habitat-tt.org for additional details or for exclusive interview opportunities.



  • Greater publicity for you /your organisation
  • Clear public alignment (locally and regionally) with the National Development Strategy and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • Assisting Habitat to expand its reach locally and regionally
  • Corporate Social Responsibility promoted through significant IMPACT in the local context
    • Reduce the number of families, especially children exposed to communicable diseases
    • Increase the number of families especially children exposed to educational opportunities
    • Provide shelter for the poor who would otherwise not have such access


What can you do?

  • Share your valuable counsel and feedback of the initiative
  • Endorse Habitat Trinidad and Tobago especially this initiative
  • Commit to serving for a specific time frame
  • Demonstrate leadership especially with recruiting peers to participate
  • Offer your personal endorsement and investment


Funding priorities – To raise approximately TT$58.5M in 5 years:-

TT$ 37,500,000       Local Housing programme to serve 550 – 64.1%

TT$ 10,000,000       Caribbean Initiative – Disaster Mitigation and Response – 17.1%

TT$  2,040.350         Neighbourhood Revitalisation and Resilient Communities 3.5%

TT$  1,470,000         Assets: To enhance assets & construction capabilities – 2.5%

TT$  5,589,650         Operations and Administration:  – 9.6%

TT$  1,900,000         Habitat – Branding – 3.2%

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