Our work

To date (September 2017), the local office has:

  • Provided 602 housing solutions.
  • Supported more than 2969 families through training in financial literacy, home and construction maintenance and life skills.
  • Served some 5800+ individuals through housing initiatives, financial training and disaster risk reduction programmes.

We serve families whose combined monthly income does not exceed TT$8,000. Essentially, we can help persons who are not likely to qualify for loans from commercial lending institutions, whether due to advanced age or low-income levels. Our house costs are comparatively low because of our highly subsidized operations and substantial volunteer labour input.

We provide non-profit loans, and our loan repayment can spread across 30 years, so the Home Owner can pay an average of TT$600 monthly on a loan of TT$150,000. This monthly mortgage repayment goes into the revolving fund to build and rehabilitate more homes.

Each home partner is required to contribute at least 300 hours of labour – 100 hours toward his-or-her own home and 200 hours on the home(s) of members of the community, or any other community activity. This labour requirement is called sweat equity. Once the Homeowner meets the basic selection criteria and there is a source of funding, families do not have to wait many years for approval.

Our partnerships with donor entities, government agencies and other private and civic-minded citizens promotes access to government subsidies and building approvals, land, and housing for low-income families, all initiatives that contribute towards reducing the country’s housing stock deficit.

Recent advocacy efforts have led to collaboration with the Ministries of Public Utilities and Housing & Urban Development to facilitate applicants to government utilities and housing programmes.

Through shelter, we empower Trinbagonians families. ¡Join us!