Disaster Risk Reduction, Response and Recovery

Help rebuild the Caribbean after Hurricane Irma!

We are activating our appeal for donations towards the rebuilding of the Caribbean.
Online: www.habitat-tt.org/donate-now and RBL Account# 180482534101

Your donations will be directed to purchase transitional shelter products like tarpaulins, plywood, hammers, nails etc.

We may also be asked to assist in the physical reconstruction of transitional or permanent shelters.

The main pillar of Habitat’s Disaster Risk Reduction, Response and Recovery programme is the PASSA or Participatory Approach to Safer Shelter Awareness:

Volunteers Needed in a Training Workshop on the Disaster Risk Reduction Tool – PASSA

Are you interested in offering your services and time to assist Habitat for Humanity Trinidad and Tobago to gather housing needs information in your community?

We at Habitat are looking for persons who will be trained to teach and use the Participatory Approach to Safer Shelter Awareness tool (PASSA). This will be a week-long training session introducing partner agencies and volunteers to the PASSA tool (Participatory Approach to Safe Shelter Awareness). Once implemented, PASSA will facilitate the collection of baseline data in communities. We will use this data to develop a disaster management action plan aimed at reducing the vulnerabilities and risk factors of shelters, with the community leadership taking ownership of the process.

The main objective of PASSA is to develop local capacity to reduce shelter-related risk by raising awareness of “everyday vulnerabilities and everyday risks” and developing skills in joint analysis, learning and decision-making related to the built environment. Some of the areas community persons are engaged in progressively include:

  • Identification, awareness and engaging of all stakeholders within a selected community of related risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Mapping, planning and prioritizing approaches to minimizes these risks and vulnerabilities (development of a plan utilizing proposed shelter safety strategies).
  • Project identification, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of progress.

This interactive training course will provide information and know-how to fully certify you to facilitate the hosting of PASSA. Instructional methods include provision of the handbook, practical information and interactive discussions.

It is expected that you will be required to conduct a minimum of one (1) PASSA within your or nearby communities annually and provide a report within 6 weeks of completion.

Please contact us at 485-4663 or email jacqueline.harris@habitat-tt.org for registration and further details.


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