Benefits for companies

Without generous contributions from our corporate donors, much of our work would go undone. Habitat for Humanity provides a wonderful opportunity for companies to exercise their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) duties while associating with our global brand name for solid good work.

We offer Corporate Social Responsibility opportunities to:

  • Improve shelter conditions.
  • Empower communities through trainings and supporting stable living conditions.
  • Reduce the likelihood of significant infrastructural damage from disaster.
  • Promote volunteerism and humanitarian service amongst employees in a strategic manner.
  • Improve health, education and the environment in the wider society.
  • Build company branding and develop ethics of transparency, accountability, integrity and humanitarianism.

How to get involved

You can help in many ways:

  • Become a major donor by funding new houses, materials supplies or repairs. As a civil citizen or responsible corporate partner, you can contribute to the enhancement of livelihood and alleviation of poverty housing and community transformation in Trinidad and Tobago. Depending on the level of giving, there are standard Recognition opportunities for donors. Additionally, special means of Recognition mutually agreeable between donor and Habitat Trinidad-Tobago can be negotiated. Should a donor wish not to attract publicity, that too will be honoured. We are grateful to accept your donations either in cash or in kind.
  • Join our Corporate Leadership Circle, where smaller companies can exercise their CSR mission by together funding a house
  • Become a Corporate Member, with the opportunity for free Disaster Risk Reduction Training Sessions, Priority selection for team-building exercises and staff assessments for Habitat Shelter Solutions.

Partnering with Habitat is also good business! There is a tax break applicable from which donors can benefit (corporate as well as individual).

Let us organize a Habitat Build for your company! One of the most rewarding aspects of becoming a Habitat donor is the opportunity we can offer your management and employees to work shoulder to shoulder building a home for a needy family. Your staff will always remember this hands-on, bonding experience when they truly helped another person.

Call our Resource Development department at 674-5977 or email us at to get started today!

Through shelter, we empower Trinbagonians families. ¡Join us!