Corporate Partners

Corporate partner groups donate funds as an organization, but staff and management also come out to work with families on their homes. We have worked with:

  • Republic Bank Limited PMAD
  • Penta Paints
  • NLCB
  • Hilton
  • Caribbean Nitrogen Company Limited
  • Hilton Trinidad
  • BP Trinidad and Tobago
  • NGC
  • EOG Resources
  • Ectercon
  • Canada
  • CGCL
  • Atlantic
  • Advance Foam
  • ABS

They have all worked throughout the years by having over twenty-five volunteers on a given day on our sites in areas such as Penal, Carlsen Field, Gasparillo, Las Lomas and Arima.

The energy, food, hype and fun these volunteers bring to our sites shows where we facilitate team building, leadership skills and camaraderie on our sites through one activity. We have seen volunteers work through rain because they declared they came to fulfil a task and not even the rain would stop them and to the families’ amazement they join in the fun to see the extent a volunteer will go to help them in fulfilling their dream of a housing solution.


Through shelter, we empower Trinbagonians families. ¡Join us!