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  • What inspired us, even in the rough times? Our children and our dreams for giving them a great life!


    Don’t listen to the second-hand news on the block; take the time to come to Habitat, and take the time to understand exactly what Habitat does, and how YOUR effort is multiplied by working within the Habitat process.

    A home is safety, and security, but more than that, it’s the love!



  • Testimonials

    Jennifer has proven herself to be a fighter and a survivor in more ways than one.  Jennifer’s greatest desire is to own her home and to leave a legacy behind for her 25-year-old son, who has stood by her through chemotherapy and all that she has endured in her battle against cancer. Habitat and Republic Bank stepped in to help Jennifer realize her dream!

  • Testimonials

    Anthony, a hardworking father, and his wife Sasha (who Anthony calls “the rock of the family”) lived with their three children (ages 2, 7 and 16) in a one-bedroom wooden structure. Habitat, BPTT and 77 volunteers from Canada, the USA and National Quarries  came together to help Anthony and Sasha build a new 3-bedroom steel frame home for their family, dedicated at the annual National Day of Caring in 2014.

  • Testimonials

    Massive holes in the galvanized roof of Indar’s home let in the rain all year, continually rotting the dilapidated structure and destroying the family’s mattresses. After the collapse of the floor in his children’s bedroom, the whole family was forced to sleep in one room. With Habitat’s help, Indar was able to find assistance through the compassion of local sponsor Methanex.

  • Testimonials

    Anaka, a mother of four, lived with her parents, grandmother and children in a 135-year-old, dilapidated wooden house in Central Trinidad. With the support of the National Gas Company and the hard work of Habitat volunteers, today Anaka’s entire family lives in a safe, hygienic concrete three-bedroom house with indoor bathroom and electricity.

Everyone deserves a safe and affordable place to live. Help us!