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Help our neighbours rebuild after Hurricane Season 2017!

Over US$1.3 billion in pledges and over $1 billion in loans and debt relief at the CARICOM-UN High-level Pledging Conference. But the RECOVERY costs surpass $5billion, according to the latest needs estimates.

Please help!  Your generous gift will make a difference!

Online: and RBL Account# 180482534101


We are working with governments and local and international partners in the recovery effort on the ground.  Based on their initial field assessments and our own fact-finding missions completed in early November, we are gearing up for the active recovery and rebuilding stage.


In preparation for this mission, we are accepting donations online and by direct deposit.  Your donations will be directed to:

  1. Assist with technical assistance to communities to build back stronger and more resilient
  2. Transitional shelters and permanent homes for the most vulnerable families

Funds raised will be disbursed to the local authorities, and their use will be governed by MOU agreements.  We report regularly to our donors on how our donations are spent.


A Pertinent Question: Why are we asking for cash donations and not physical items?

The Answer: Relief efforts are far more effective and efficient when local and international groups physically in place can have a direct say in the purchasing of items and quantities. We learned from the hard experience of Hurricane Katrina and Typhoon Haiyan – too often, physical items can burden, or even overwhelm groups with shipping; storage and inventory management challenges and this distracts from critical and urgent relief efforts. Hence you will see many international agencies asking for cash rather than physical items. If however you do feel moved to respond in material ways, please try to fulfil the SPECIFIC requests for goods and services that we will share in the coming days.



All donations are in Trinidad and Tobago Dollars unless otherwise indicated.

You can also support us using these options:

  • Make direct deposits or set up a standing order to donate to our Republic Bank Account 180482534101.
  • Call us at 674-5977 or email us at to find out more.

Please consult our Online Donation Policy here

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