Anaka: A multi-generational solution

Anaka, a mother of four, lived with her parents, grandmother and children in a 135 year old, dilapidated wooden house in Central Trinidad.

Her grandmother, age 96, and her parents, 73 and 72, were all at home the day one of the children almost suffered serious injury when part of the rotted wooden floor gave way under their feet.  In response to the danger, the family demolished the irreparable and unsafe house, and kind friends and family helped to erect a 20 square foot plyboard structure.  This temporary structure was inadequate for many reasons, not the least of which was the lack of bathroom facilities for the aging seniors.

Anaka’s mother suffered from high blood pressure and hypertension, her father from arthritis, whilst her grandmother could not walk. These conditions made it very difficult to use the old outdoor galvanized zinc latrine.

With four generations living under the same roof, they struggled to make ends meet. Yet still, Anaka tried to provide her children and parents with the basic necessities of life.  She turned to Habitat for help and in turn, we turned to one of our corporate partners.

With the generosity of the National Gas Company and the hard work of Habitat volunteers, today Anaka’s entire family lives in a safe, hygienic concrete three-bedroom house with indoor bathroom and electricity.  Anaka’s family now at last has their dream home.

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