World Habitat Month 2020

Middle-aged woman of mixed ethnicity, wearing a salmon-coloured jacket, white blouse and black pants. She is holding a binder of documents, and standing in front of a blue wall.

Jennifer Massiah, National Director of Habitat Trinidad and Tobago

Housing is a fundamental human right. As a global entity, we continue to champion this right, especially for the vulnerable. Habitat has positioned itself to advocate for simple, decent, affordable housing, and we are mindful that Covid-19 has had a very devastating effect on people living in inadequate housing conditions. If we are genuinely trying to leave no one behind, then, we must intentionally “galvanise” increased support and “cement” our relationship for the greater good of humanity.

The 2020 observance of World Habitat Month comes at a time when our world is still trying to handle the health of its occupants. At Habitat, we posit that the kinds of structures in which we dwell significantly influence our health and wellbeing. Covid-19 is here with us, possible for a long time to come. Therefore, we must seize the opportunities and possibilities that will guarantee us better stability, security and sustainability in our emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

Now, more than ever, Habitat needs your support to promote healthy housing and healthy lifestyles.  Our contributions to the Caribbean and T&T communities include resilient houses, improved sanitation systems, water conservation and collection systems, and livelihood and empowerment opportunities based out of homes and our communities. These services and products ensure community and national resiliency. Our vision for our country is anchored in housing as a fundamental human right, made easily accessible to all, especially our most vulnerable brother and sisters in our societies and to ensure that “No One is Left Behind”.

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