Housing and Land Tenure Survey for Vulnerable Groups

Blue, green and red flyer promoting a survey on Housing Access and Land Tenure for PwDs, Persons living with HIV/AIDS and the LGBTQI+ communities

Housing Access and Land Tenure Survey for Vulnerable Groups

Housing Access and Land Tenure Survey for Vulnerable Groups: PLEASE SHARE WIDELY


Habitat Trinidad and Tobago is working to foster positive social change in the lives of persons living with HIV and AIDS, persons with disabilities and persons who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender and/or Intersex (LGBTI).

* What are we doing? *

This survey is being conducted to capture a detailed picture of housing and shelter needs among disabled people, people living with HIV/AIDS and gender communities in Trinidad & Tobago. We will be using the findings to influence and develop local policies and services to eliminate obstacles to housing and land tenure access, and to increase the participation in the planning, implementation and monitoring of public policy around access to land and housing by organisations representing these groups. The results of the survey will be shared with Civil Society Organisations and public sector providers.

* What we are trying to measure in this survey? *

We want to identify some of the challenges that these vulnerable groups face in finding safe, decent and affordable places to live. In particular, we would like to identify barriers in accessing services, and any gaps in current service provision. This survey is completely anonymous, but we will be using the summarised information we collect to press for improvements in housing access. The survey contains questions about who you are, the housing you live in now and how you feel about access to housing in your area. We are asking lots of questions to get a detailed picture that looks at lots of different aspects of life for vulnerable groups in our country.

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