A word of inspiration from the National Director

“We must all learn not only to not fear change, but to embrace it enthusiastically and, perhaps even more important, encourage and drive it”  Tony Hsieh


“The list of potential families requiring our services is increasing beyond our ability to address. The donor pool is rapidly declining and charity budgets are being sliced in painful measures. We also note that the volunteer offers are now increasing beyond our ability to engage. The question then is, in the light of such a climate, should we shelve our services temporarily? As tempting as this is, our response refuses to be one of a defeatist mentality. Hence, our plans are even more ambitious than before.


Rooted in a belief system that says always faith guides our actions and God blesses our endeavour, we stay resolutely focused on the increasing needs in our society. We wish to remain a beacon of hope to those in despair and a ray of light in a dimming environment. We continue to make the clarion call to all of our supporters to stick with us for we need you more than ever. To our donors, if you do not support us, can you imagine the many families who would disintegrate into the depths of greater despair?”  Jennifer Massiah, National Director.


#StaySafe  #COVID19  #WeAreAllInThisTogether



Please consider supporting our efforts to “ease up” our homeowner families during this pandemic through contributions to our general fund –  www.habitat-tt.org/donate-now   Republic Bank Limited Acct. #180482534101  

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Through shelter, we empower Trinbagonians families. ¡Join us!