Avalon and Nayla

What inspired us, even in the rough times? Our children and our dreams for giving them a great life!   We live in Rio Claro in south Trinidad, and we heard about Habitat at a community meeting about 14 years ago.  We have two children now – our daughter was just five at the time we
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The Theology of the Hammer

From the Fuller Center for Housing, we feature a letter written by Habitat Founder and former Chairman Millard Fuller, explaining the thinking behind the “theology of the hammer”. To download the original document, please click here. May 2008 I am often asked about the “theology of the hammer” and the “economics of Jesus.” Where did these
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Through Shelter We Empower!

Supported by a 21-member team with diverse skills, backgrounds and experiences, we give thanks for the many blessings we have received in the last 22 years of providing Service and building Strength, Stability and Self-reliance through Shelter.  We also pay tribute to our volunteers, the life-blood of the nonprofit world – whether through advocacy, community
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Through shelter, we empower Trinbagonians families. ¡Join us!