The new Fiscal Year 2020 (July 2019 – June 2020) finds us investing and building greater capacities in our team, and finding new and innovative ways to raise awareness, make friends and grow funds. Since 1997, we have served 877 families with shelter solutions – new houses, repairs, renovations, completions – and trained 4,951 people. We have supported almost 25,000 people in their quest for safe, decent, adequate and affordable shelter!  With your unwavering support in the years to come, we can serve many more persons in need of safe, decent and affordable access to shelter.

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To this end, we are happy to introduce you to the work of our Architects of Change.   Five caring citizens have answered the call to take small, yet significant actions in their lives, and become an Architect of Change for our country. Because they believe that everyone deserves a decent place to call home, these long-standing supporters of Habitat’s work are prepared to put themselves forward to encourage their peers and the national community to work with us. We all have the power to be Architects of Change in our own lives, in our own homes and our own communities. This is the opportunity to challenge what is, imagine what can be, then create the future we want for our country. Together, we CAN make a difference, play a part in moving our nation forward and ultimately, build safe, stable and self-reliant, caring, conscious, connected and compassionate communities.





Proman's CEO David Cassidy helping Cherrylyn to build her home

Proman’s CEO David Cassidy helping Cherrylyn to build her home

The Proman Group has completed the first year of a multi-year collaboration with Habitat for Humanity. Two demonstration houses and two repair projects were completed, and the four families joined Proman’s team on the Painting and Dedication Day in Valencia. Proman also supports our Disaster Resilience Programme by funding free public discussions on Family Emergency Preparation and Healthy Housing Habits.  We can do targeted presentations for schools, communities and vulnerable groups (persons with disabilities, gender communities), so if you would like to learn more, please








  • Trinidad Systems Limited (TSL) – Foundation

This project began as a simple micr0-build, with the TSL Foundation offering to support Chantal in Valencia. TSL is celebrating 40 years of service in Trinidad and welcomed this collaboration with Habitat in serving a family. This team was so excited to help and convinced their clients to take an interest in the family.  The result? Chantal and her three young children will soon move into a NEW house! To date, more than 50 TSL volunteers have come out to support the cause!








  • Coosals

In November 2019, Habitat hosted the groundbreaking ceremony to herald the start of construction for Angela in collaboration with Coosals Group of Companies. Angela is legally blind and her son Aaron has cerebral palsy. Angela’s story was featured on the front page in the Trinidad Express on November 9th, 2019. Sieunarine Coosal joined the Habitat Advisory Board in 2006 and later transitioned to the Capital Campaign Cabinet. He was inducted into the Trinidad & Tobago Chamber of Commerce Business Hall of Fame in 2019, and he is one of the four influential corporate leaders seen in the Habitat Endorsement Videos aired daily on CCN TV6 to highlight our work in the national community. We have benefited tremendously from millions of TT Dollars in blocks, gravel, fill and other construction inputs from this Spirit of Humanity Award winner over the years, and the Group will continue their journey with us in FY20, supporting Habitat Homeowners through in-kind donations of building materials for new houses and micro builds.



  • Point Lisas Nitrogen Limited (PLNL)

Habitat partnered with PLNL to gift 25 families within their fence line with Christmas Hampers. Four of the families represented lost fisher folk in ambushes earlier this year.








Corporate Support – Capital Campaign Cabinet

At the end of 2019 Mr. Ronald Harford, Chairman of the Capital Campaign Cabinet retired his position at Republic Bank and also indicated that he will be stepping down from all other duties and responsibilities.  A “Thank You” reception is planned for February 13th 2020 to say our farewells to Mr. Harford, and to chart the way forward for the Campaign and the Cabinet members. 






  • Police Youth Group project

The “Recycle for a Life Cycle” was hosted on Saturday 19th October 2019 at the Police Administration compound at Riverside Plaza. Young people (and the young at heart!) attended from across the Police Youth Groups network. It was a successful day and the participants proudly displayed their finished products.





  • Starbucks

We celebrated World Habitat Day 2019 with a collaboration with Starbucks in Trinidad and Tobago. This coffee morning was instrumental in raising awareness of our work.



  • Rotary Club of Port of Spain West

This group joined forces with the Rotoract and painted Hannah’s house in Sangre Grande.  It’s an annual event for the Rotary Club in Trinidad and Tobago, with various groups coming together to support our homeowners in their quest to acquire safe, decent and affordable housing.






  • Annual General Meeting

Held at the Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business, this year’s gathering welcomed the new Habitat for Humanity Vice-President for Latin America and the Caribbean Region, Ernesto Garcia, to Trinidad and Tobago for his first visit.  In his feature address, he emphasized the importance of Housing as a process that creates a sense of place and dignity, building community cohesion as well as one’s social and financial network and assets. These changes benefit the larger community, reducing inequality and building resilience against economic and natural disasters. Read more …




  • Shelter Report

For the last  22 years, we have empowered many citizens of Trinidad and Tobago to achieve a better quality of life through safe and affordable housing.  Since 1997, we have served 877 families with shelter solutions – new houses, repairs, renovations, completions – and trained 4,951 people. We have supported almost 25,000 people in their quest for safe, decent, adequate and affordable shelter! During the past year, we’ve been able to provide 130 shelter solutions, raised TT$5.9m in funding and facilitated 6,028 volunteer hours.  To see all of the highlights and accomplishments from the last year, please click here.


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Proman Chief Executive David Cassidy and Habitat Trinidad National Manager Jennifer Massiah shake hands
Photo of CEOs of Proman subsidiaries in Trinidad with representatives of Habitat for Humanity

CEOs of Proman subsidiaries in Trinidad with representatives of Habitat for Humanity – National Director Jennifer Massiah (front row centre) and Resource Development Officer Carlene Pooran (3rd from right)

Port of Spain, 5 December 2018 – One of the world’s leading petrochemical producers, Proman, and the leading international housing charity, Habitat for Humanity, have today announced a multi-year partnership that will ensure thousands of people have access to safe, decent and affordable housing, as well as support multiple long-term community projects around the world.


In an initial two-year partnership, Proman will be donating US$1.2 million (just over TT$8 million) to support a range of home building, disaster resilience and emergency response projects across mainly Trinidad and Tobago, but also Europe, and the United States. This follows Proman’s donation of TT$1 million in October 2018 to Living Water Community, to assist in relief and recovery efforts following the devastating floods in Trinidad and Tobago.


David Cassidy, Chief Executive of Proman, welcomed the initiative and said: “The partnership with Habitat for Humanity as a whole reaffirms, and strengthens,  our deeply held values as a company: to act as long-term partners with all of the communities and in all of the countries, in which we operate. Investing in the sustainable development of our people, our places and the local economy is not only our responsibility but a fundamental part of who we are as Proman. We have always prioritised local content. We always look to the long-term.”


Proman’s local subsidiaries CNC and N2000 are proud to have supported Habitat for Humanity in Trinidad and Tobago since 2012, and today’s announcement builds on their joint achievements. Together, Proman Group and Habitat for Humanity will be focussing on delivering the practical support that makes a real and lasting difference to the lives of those most in need.


Photo of Proman Chief Executive David Cassidy (middle-aged Caucasian man dressed in blue business suit) and Habitat Trinidad-Tobago National Director Jennifer Massiah (middle-aged mixed race woman dressed in Habitat Trinidad-Tobago teeshirt and black-and-white patterned skirt) in discussion at the formal announcement

Proman Chief Executive David Cassidy and Habitat Trinidad-Tobago National Director Jennifer Massiah in discussion

Throughout the duration of the partnership, Proman’s donation will be complemented by ongoing volunteer and fundraising work by Proman employees, focussing initially on the communities most closely tied to Proman’s operations around the world.


 “We are very grateful for partners like Proman and their commitment to deliver practical and long-lasting support to local communities in Trinidad & Tobago, Europe and the United States,” said Torre Nelson, area vice president for Europe, Middle East and Africa at Habitat for Humanity. “Together we can help empower families to achieve the strength, stability and independence they need to build a better life.”


David Cassidy added, “This is an important initiative, and one that we want every member of our team, across the whole of the Proman family of companies, to be involved in. We all, including myself, have a critical role to play in making this partnership with Habitat for Humanity a success. We will look forward to working together to make a positive impact on the communities in which we operate.”


The partnership will officially launch in January 2019.

Everyone deserves a safe and affordable place to live. Help us!