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The foundation is down, the walls are up and he is on his way home!

Join us on December 8th to help Andy paint his new house, and show your solidarity for easier access to housing and land tenure for people with disabilites, the Gender Communities and people living with HIV/AIDS!

Contact 702-4663 or contactus@habitat-tt.org for details!



Advocacy Build 2018 in Trinidad and Tobago will help homeowner Andy move into a safe, stable and familiar environment to live independently and in security.  

Habitat Trinidad-Tobago is working in collaboration with the Caribbean Policy Development (NGO) Centre to improve access to Housing and Land Tenure for Vulnerable Groups – the Disabled, People living with HIV/AIDS and the Gender Communities.


“He ain’t heavy … he’s my brother …”

Andy is Deaf; interviews are conducted with his co-applicant Michael Damion Mohammed.

They met when Andy was eight years old and Michael Mohammed was five. Mr. Mohammed’s family opened a bookstore in Princes Town and there was a games arcade next door which Mr. Ramkissoon frequented. The boys began hanging out and their friendship was born.

Andy was an only child to his parents; his father was a mason by trade and his mother was a housewife. His mother died in 1997 when he was just twenty years old and he was left with his father who was an alcoholic. With no one to guide him, he began hanging out in the town and more and more at the Mohammed’s bookstore. They would try to provide meals while he hung out with the staff and tried to help by moving boxes of stock. After his father died in 2006, a lady from the area stepped in and assisted him with getting access to the disability grant on which he lives presently.

When asked why he chose to get so intimately involved in Andy’s personal affairs, Mohammed said that he was approached by one of Andy’s aunts to assist her with getting the property deed transferred from his mother’s name. Apparently there were several family members at that time trying to get Andy to sign a document that would make them the owners of the land. Mr. Mohammed said he found that to be wrong and he could not stand by and see that injustice done to someone he had known for almost all his life. According to Mr. Mohammed, the aunt who helped get the deed had intended to build him a small house with her own money; however she fell ill and had to use the money for her own care.

The current structure on the land could be as much as eighty years old. It is very worn and dilapidated. Half of the structure was condemned due to deterioration and cannot be used. It is through this condemned section that thieves enter Andy’s home and steal his few belongings. Mr. Mohammed said that for this reason, all Andy’s clothing is kept at his home.

Asked why Habitat Trinidad and Tobago should assist Andy, Mr. Mohammed said that he knows him personally and he knows that he is a good person, he thinks it will be a blessing for him to own his own home especially when none of his relatives thought he could. Mr. Mohammed states that if he was financially able he would build the house on his own, but he is very happy that an organization like Habitat TnT is available to bring hope to those who need it.


Maps and Directions:  Google Maps Reference: https://goo.gl/maps/Eh1sfRssNNk

Smartphone Directions from Price Plaza, Chaguanas: https://goo.gl/maps/A6HHCpNYEwH2

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